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iPhone can also open aircraft AR.Drone remote control helicopter
   Edit:管理员   Browse:1355  Date:2017/10/16 

Parrot, the world's leading wireless product brand, is about to enter the toy "anti" fighting city, the grand launch of Parnott AR.Drone - the first application of real-time coding technology (Augmented Reality) and support iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) remote control of the four propeller helicopters.

    With superuitive handling, Parnott brings this highly acclaimed remote control four propeller helicopter AR.Drone, allowing users to play video games in real-time coding. When you control this unique four-propeller helicopter, the real and virtual world will be staggered into an unparalleled gaming experience. The helicopter is equipped with a front shot, and the image processor will instantly encode the special effects for instant delivery, through the video stream on the iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) screen to play.


    Ergonomic driving mode


    Parrot AR.Drone has a unique cockpit design, driven by four propellers with brushless engines, providing excellent mobility and stability while driving; downloading the application "AR.Free Flight" to iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) and connect to iPod touch (R) via the Apolot AR.Drone ad hoc Wi-Fi internet connection (without connecting to the Internet or wireless router) ) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) to start and operate.


    Parrot AR.Drone has two control modes:


    - Beginner mode: Two induction buttons to control the accelerometer and the direction of the helicopter

    - AS Professional mode: Handle AR.Drone with a single sensor button


    Touch the takeoff button on the iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) screen to start the AR.Drone engine and get ready to take off. AR.Drone will rise to a few feet on the ground to stay, waiting for the driver's next instruction.


    (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) acceleration sensor will sense the driver's thumb activity and iPod touch (R) / iPad (TM) acceleration sensor as soon as the driver presses the control button on the screen, (R) / iPad (TM), the signal is sent to the Parrot AR.Drone, making a forward, backward or turning relative reaction; the other is displayed on the iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) screen on the right side of the command button, it is used to control AR.Drone up, down or turn.


    Starting the AS mode, the driver can fully control and drive AR.Drone with a single button.


    Touch the landing button, four propeller helicopter will land and stop the engine.


    Design a unique high-tech helicopter


    Paragon AR.Drone is made of carbon fiber and tough anti-collision PA66 plastic, equipped with MEMS micro-mechanical system (Micro Electro Mechanicals Systems), three-axis accelerator, double gyroscope (single or dual axis), ultrasonic sensor sensor and two lenses:


    - The first lens is located at the bottom of the helicopter and connects the Inertial Measurement Unit. This setting measures the helicopter's horizontal speed and performs a virtual immovable flight. While the contrast system can compensate for the outdoor flight when the wind speed to make the interference. These technologies were mainly used in professional or military programs, this is the first time in the field of the game.


    - another lens in front of the helicopter, through the video stream on the iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) screen to play, so that drivers see the real image transmission, like a cockpit same. The main function of this lens is to identify the image, the real-time coding technology applied to the game. For example, the lens can identify and label another AR.Drone in the battle, as well as other external hindrance, and then on the iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) screen.


    The driver is free to choose which lens to display on the iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) screen, or both.


    New game standard


    Parrot AR.Drone combines video games and remote control models into one. This unique four-propeller helicopter allows the driver in the real world, enjoy a new video game experience, its high degree of authenticity, more allow more home (multi player) against the game to increase the irritation.


    In order to give the driver an unprecedented gaming experience, the App Store (SM) has two games available for download:


    - AR.Free Flight


    o Instructions AR.Drone to take off and drive the application

    o with two driving modes: beginner and professional

    o in the App Store for free download


    - AR.Flying Ace


    o story: the use of the World War II background, the use of wireless instructions, operating helicopters to carry out large-scale aviation war.

    o can be downloaded from the App Store in USD2.99


    Indoor and outdoor flight design


    Parrot AR.Drone is designed for indoor and outdoor flight.


    For outdoor flight, the unique fuselage design helps reduce wind resistance and ensures a high degree of maneuverability for helicopters.


    Three body design include:


    - orange and yellow

    - orange and green

    - orange and blue


    The bright colors help the driver follow the activities of AR.Drone. At the same time, the fuselage of the front lens, can be identified in the war against the enemy's attack.


    As for the indoor flight, specially designed shell and surrounded by white, gray, black cockpit surrounded by propellers to resist external obstacles. Will be similar to the fuselage of the stickers attached to the arched position, can be carried out unmanned battle.


    Finally, the backlight driver diode (Electroluminescent diodes) (head green, rear red) on the landing gear allows the driver to easily control AR.Drone in a proper position. And this diode can be in accordance with the game's mechanical device to start and react.


    Set up pilot group


    - Arnold set up AR.Drone Flight School for a public AR.Drone user and supporter at This site will exhibit AR.Drone about 20 images and detailed information.


    Training area


    - from the installation to the driving tips, given the pilot professional training.

    - how to prepare your AR.Drone (battery installation, configure Wi-Fi / iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM), etc.), flight operation (acceleration sensor control) Circling, eight-character, half-turn, swing, obstacle, etc.), practice air combat (attack and defense exercises, indoor and outdoor battles, etc.).


    Group area


    - Pilots can distribute videos, share and discuss in the discussion area, and receive information about AR.Drone (via microblogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


    Open development platform


    - Since the release of CES 2010, the Software Development Kit was updated in May 2010 to allow other software developers to design games for AR.Drone and also support source code for other platforms.

    - Up to now, more than 450 software developers around the world have been registered on the platform of Parrot AR.Drone.

    - Future AR.Drone's game will be around the infinite imagination and creation of the Parrot four propeller helicopter supporters.

    - Download the SDK or learn more at


    Parrot AR.Drone: technically leading


    Parrot took more than four years to create and develop AR.Drone, which has about 20 patents.


    As a consumer product, AR.Drone hit a number of breakthroughs, including:


    - the first four-propeller helicopters with carbon fiber, hard PA66 plastic, and four brushless engines.

    - MEMS inertia units combine image processing and autopilot software to bring a remote control product that can be driven by induction.

    - Wi-Fi and video streaming connection to iPod touch (R) / iPhone (R) / iPad (TM) modern game interface.

    - Image processing software supports real-time coding.


    Parrot has been developing wireless technology for 15 years, of which the R & D department has about 150 professional engineers. All along, Parnott has been in research and development to maintain adequate resources, and focus on the development of software and signal processing. In addition to product development, Parrot is more to take care of the use of supporting products, so software, electronic equipment, design, manufacturing costs are research departments work every day.


      In addition to including some electronic parts, the fuselage also installed two cameras: one at the bottom and the other in front of the plane. The four-wheeled four-wheeled flying saucer, The The bottom camera can be connected to the measurement function to measure the speed of the AR.Drone during flight and whether the monitoring operation is stable. Parrot's intelligent flight technology enables it to withstand wind and environmental factors while flying outdoors. Installed in the aircraft head of the camera, it can be reflected in front of the road completely on the iPhone screen, the player seems to sit in the cockpit to open the plane, to experience the exciting driving aircraft fun, as the current Avatar movie driving a bird in general, Do any angle flight, and overlooking the surrounding, the body is also equipped with gravity sensing devices, gyroscopes, mechanical control chip, you can also two people simulated air combat! When you can skill when the operation, direct viewing touch or iphone screen can control the Avatar new mounts. At the same time, the body with intelligent flight technology, automatic correction of wind and environmental errors, looks very attractive!
      Parrot AR.Drone is a WiFi-enabled remote control helicopter that can generate its own WiFi network, simply connect to the iPhone or iPod touch, get commands from the iPhone or iPod touch, and you can see the first vision on your phone The use of built-in wide-angle camera and high-speed camera, and microelectronics industrial system, plus 3-axis accelerator, 3-axis gyroscope and an ultrasonic sensor, with a real plane have a fight; and computer connection operation easier. It is perfect with the iPhone, the player can easily use the iPhone or iPod operating aircraft, take off, take turns or change direction.
     Parrot AR.Drone has a very powerful application space, based on an open platform, game software developers can enter the sharing, we can easily with the game software together.


【Instructions for use】
For the first time, please read the user manual carefully and go to Apple APP STORE to download FREE FLIGHT flight control software (free), then refer to the user manual to install the chassis, install the battery, etc., and visit the official website watch the teaching video. If you still have questions in the legal working hours call the agency in China Advisory: 010-62613688-809


【Technical Parameters】
- Body material: Polypropylene (EPP)
- Transmitting frequency: 40 kHz
- 64 ° oblique diagonal lens, CMOS sensor
- Video frequency: 60 frames / sec
- 93 ° wide angle diagonal lens camera, CMOS sensor
- Video frequency: 15 frames per second
- Camera resolution: 640 × 480 pixels (VGA)
- Microprocessor: PIC24HJ16GP304, 16 bit, f = 40MHz
- Virtual 3D target location
- Virtual 3D target mark calculation
- Detection of three-dimensional target horizontal distance: 0.3 ~ 5 m
- Detection of three-dimensional target vertical height: 6 m
- Architecture Processor: ARM9, f = 468 MHz
- DDR 128M, frequency 200MHz
- Brushless motor: 35000 rpm (MAX = 41400 rpm)
- Motor power: 15 W
- Lithium battery: 11.1 V 1000 mAh
- Flight time: 12 min
- Charging time: 90 min
- Wifi b / g
- Packaging size: 57cm × 57cm × 14cm
- color shell color: blue / green
- Weight: 2.2kg


【Battle state】
- to confirm to the enemy no one


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