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Remote control wheel set angle description
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Remote control car can be said that all remote control models which the most popular products and players up to the model, in addition to easier to use, not subject to site constraints, the speed and pleasure is no less than other remote control model activities. Remote control car offers a wide range of product selection, from 1/10 electric car to 1/8 engine power racing car, can meet your needs for remote control model car. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start with an electric car; if you are an advanced or seeking speed player, you can choose engine power car; if you want to enjoy the pleasure of pleasure, you can choose off-road vehicles; if you want to enjoy freedom, Unrestrained Mercedes-Benz fun, then you must not miss the super-size tires, four-wheel drive Bigfoot truck. Different products that will give you a completely different experience!

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2 remote control car set angle description 5 KIT, RTR, COMBO



Remote control car set angle description


The angle formed by the center line of the wheel steering is the angle of inclination, based on a straight line perpendicular to the road surface. In theory, the greater the rear angle, the higher the stability of the straight line, the greater the power required to turn, turn the rear wheel back to the higher force....


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